10 mistakes which are decreasing your blog traffic


hey bloggers…. do you know about some mistakes which are really decreasing your blog traffic. I’m experiencing these mistakes and learned a lot from these. Today I’m going to share these 10 Mistakes which are decreasing your blog traffic.

10 mistakes which are decreasing your blog traffic
10 mistakes which are decreasing your blog traffic

I think most of the bloggers know some of these mistakes but I recommend you to completely read this article.

10 biggest blogging mistakes that effect on traffic

read these all mistakes carefully and think about them…

1. Using a weak title

do you ever read articles on UC browser, opera mini or news websites… what made you read them? their titles.. right.?
You have to do the same on your blog title. Make a good title with the keywords.

How to make a good title

  • use keywords on the title.
  • use the numbers on your title. like 10, 5+, most common 5
  • use at least 50-60 characters in the title.

2. Not using Images

Newbie bloggers write only the content but they rarely use images in the article. Most bloggers say, that one image is equal to thousands of words. Images are also responsible for the SEO because they have alt tag and sometimes our blog post doesn’t appear in the search result but our image appears.

how to use images on blog post

  • use images related to the content.
  • use copyright free images. you can use pixabay for free images.
  • always use alt tag while adding an image.

3. Not optimizing the blog post

10 mistakes which are decreasing your blog traffic| optimize blog post
optimize the blog post

Mostly, bloggers write only for the search engine. If someone writes for their readers they have fewer chances to get traffic from the search engines because they never optimize their blog post. dude SEO is more important but never forget your readers make a balance between them and optimize post well for SEO and readers.

4. Not promoting your blog

Not marketing your blog is a big mistake in blogging. You have to promote/marketing your blog for off page SEO and to get good traffic.

Marketing is a core part of anything you do.

Keith Belling

5. Not measuring results

10 mistakes which are decreasing your blog traffic | monitor and measure the blog
mistakes which are decreasing blog traffic: monitor and measure

You’ve written a lot of articles on many topics you blog. Now you have to consider which topic is getting good traffic which type of articles is going famous among the readers.

You have to measure and monitor your blog at least once or twice a month, Keep focusing on the blog, from where the visitors coming which article is performing well and other things. you can use google analytics

6. Not designing well

I mean to design your blog well. Nobody wants to stay on a not designed blog. Keep your blog format simple.

don’t use hooey fonts, use any simple fonts, use some paragraphs and use of H1, H2, H3 tags.

7. Not doing experiments

here experiments mean doing something unique and on your own style. This is the biggest mistake, people only copy the style of the author where they start learning about blogging.

Do something which others are not doing, do whatever you want to, don’t care what others say do your work and success.

यकीन नहीं अगर तुझे तो, आजमा के देख ले
एक बार तू जरा मुस्कुरा कर के देख ले
जो ना सोचा होगा वो भी मिलेगा तुझे
बस तू एक कदम बढ़ा कर तो देख ले

8. Not having a mobile optimized blog

If your blog isn’t mobile friendly then you have to work hard to get traffic. For your kind information, I wanna tell you that Google has launched AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) in 2016 to mobile optimize the blog speed and if you want to drive traffic from google then you must have a mobile friendly blog.

9. Not replying of the question

sometimes the bloggers get a lot of questions from their readers/visitors… some bloggers ignore their comments and some of them doesn’t give the solution/answer.

Now in this situation, the reader thinks that the author isn’t replying I don’t need to go onto his/her blog. It’s shit. Never ignore any comment and messages.

10. Expecting early success

Keep patience, keep working on your blog without any greed. Newbie mostly quits their blog after 3-4 months… brother don’t loose hope, you will definitely succeed one day but give your 100% to your work.

Nobody becomes famous/success overnight you have to do your best for it.


I think these 10 Mistakes which are decreasing your blog traffic will help you out to get more traffic from the search engines. If you like this article then share this to your facebook timeline and subscribe our blog for latest update.


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