Top 5G mobiles in India you must know


Hello Guys, I’m going to share some 5G mobiles in India and their price. We are living in (21st century) Technology Era. As we are moving forward, the technology is growing four times more than us. Many changes are seen in the technological world every new day. 5G phones have the same technology. So guys, today we’ll talk about 5G Mobiles in India. By the way, this technology has already arrived in other countries. No matter in India, it is going to come soon.

5g Mobiles In India
5g Mobiles In India

5G Phones In India

Top 5G phones and their prices in India are given below. Have a look.

#1. Samsung Galaxy S9/Galaxy S9+

Samsung has given some great mobile phones. The customer of Samsung is waiting for its new phone. Samsung will be launching his phone very soon.

#2. Huawei P11/P11 Plus

Huawei will be also launching his 5G phone. In my knowledge, Indian cellular company Airtel is tying up with Huawei for 5G. Airtel company started testing 5G in India.

#3. Asus Zenphone 5

Asus has low sells but I think this company will be gone for a big sale of Asus 5G.

#4. Nokia 9

Nokia is also on the list. Nokia is the great company who gives his customer a great service ever. We are hoping that Nokia will soon get 5G phones for its customers.

#5. HTC U12

HTC will soon bring 5G phones to its customers.

Final Words: Top 5G mobiles in India

These companies are definitely going to launch 5G mobiles in India. It is believed that there will be 5G phones till December 2018 in India. If there is more news then I will definitely tell you, I’ll update this article.

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