Which language is best for blogging in India


hey… it’s been a long time, I haven’t written a single article. I have some other important works to do however, now, I’ll be regular in this blog. I had changed my language to provide content, I’d started with Hindi but after a long, I’m writing in English.

which language is best for blogging in India
which language is best for blogging in India

In this article, I wanna tell you my experience of English language blogging of writing articles to rank in google and getting views.

Hindi or English: which is best for blogging

I’ve done many experiments on it and here are the results. here I’m analyzing thing with my experience of tech blog.

Writing an article

It’s not too difficult to write an article if you already find a topic. Once the topic of the content found, you can easily write an article by various researches.

Getting Rank and views

ahh… this is shit what all bloggers needs, ranking on the top (at least on the first page of Google) and getting organic traffic. It’s too difficult to rank on the first page of Google. Even, you won’t appear in the next five pages.

Trust me, here is a lot of competition in this field. Everyone is writing only on the tech. So, I’ll recommend you to not to write in English for a tech blog.

Conclusion: Which is a better language for blogging Hindi or English

finally, guys I extremely recommend you to write in the Hindi language because Hindi is getting a vast future in blogging in India. Maybe you will see my next article in the Hindi language. Thankyou <3


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