Giveaways Condition

welcome gorgeous ladies and handsome men… It seems you’re interested in our giveaways well, here are some rule for participating in our giveaways...

  1. You have to share our blog article on your facebook wall.

2. You have to like our facebook page.

3. You must subscribe to our blog for the latest articles.

4. You have to drop a comment on our blog post.
yeah, only these things you have to do…
now once you have done these things now you have to send a message on our facebook page regarding the giveaways.
how to share-
you can see a sharing option below every post of our site, by clicking this you can directly share on Facebook, WhatsApp, Gmail or any other social media network.

and you can directly copy the post URL and pasting it.
how to like our facebook page-
you can like our page by clicking this link or by just typing Jasknowledge on facebook search.
how to subscribe to our blog
you can see this on our blog here…

you have to just enter your name and gmail address and click to subscribe.