How To Get Out Of The Friend Zone

How To Get Out Of The Friend Zone
How To Get Out Of The Friend ZoneHow To Get Out Of The Friend Zone

hello everyone, I’m Jolly, writer of this blog, this article is very helpful for those who trapped in the friend zone, In this article, I’m going to tell you how to get out of the Friend Zone (Friend Zone se bahar kaise nikale)

Friend Zone Meaning

well, I know that you know… but it’s my duty to write.
Your all golden dreams with her is just a half, a quarter dream if you put yourself into Friend Zone. You can’t attract her, she doesn’t feel about you only thinking as a friend.
I know that we’ve all been friend zoned at least once in our life If you’re reading this, you’re probably in this tragedy and want to get out from the chutiyaapa (in my local language).
but I’m damn sure that Friend Zone mein aadmi kutta ban jata hai(men become a dog when he is in friend zone).
Guy- I love you so much. I can’t live without you. you’re the best girl I’ve ever met.
Girl- Aww.. so sweet, I love you too but as a friend (oh f**k)

How To Get Out Of The Friend Zone

I’ve some ideas to get out from the friend zone but wait… before that, you must read these articles…

guys… I’ll not wait much for you. yeah, here we go…

1. Stop giving fake compliments

it’s good but doesn’t do much. feel her that you’re not her friend anymore. look, if you’re the success in this so she will definitely think about you.

2. Stop letting her use you

I’ve seen girls use those guys who are friend zoned. In India, this is the most impassable and most seen situation.
guys, I wanna tell you don’t become the servant for those selfish girls.

3. Stop Asking permission

baby, can I see it, can I take my dinner.? don’t become that type of guy. You know what I’m talking about.

4. Make her jealous

She- are you free this Tuesday.?
Boy- No
She- why??
Boy- I’m going on a date with ABC.
be the guy, make her jealous.

5. Stop Calling and Texting So Much

you texted her almost 20 messages.
she only replied with a single hmm
you again texted her almost 10 messages.
she replied hmm hahaha
stop being that guy, learn to your self.

6. Learn to say NO

she- hi, my data pack is over. can you recharge my phone? I’ll pay you later.
Boy- Yeah, give me 5 minutes.
stop being that type of guy, learn to say no.

7. Tell her what you actually want

she- I feel like you are avoiding me too much.
he- yes, I’ve to.
she- why so?
he- I can’t stay in the friend zone. I want a beautiful romantic relationship with you.
tell her only if you really want

8. Make her fix her own problems

When she has problems she created, don’t be the guy who makes it all better. She’s a responsible adult. If she created the problems, she’s able to solve and figure them out.

Final Words: how to get out of the Friend Zone

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