how to increase blog traffic for free


hello bloggers, how are you? I Hope you are good. guys this article was delayed because I’m not good nowadays. I’ve got a fever. no worry, I’ll always write for my visitors. I think you understood from the title what I am writing today. yes, I’m writing about how to increase blog traffic for free guys it’s a big deal for every blogger.

how to increase blog traffic for free
how to increase blog traffic for free

This article contains how to increase blog traffic for free, how to increase blog traffic WordPresshow to get visitors to your blog, how to get visitors to your blog, how to boost blog traffic types of queries. if you are looking for how to increase blog traffic this article for you.

how to increase blog traffic for free

everyone makes a blog but everyone can’t drive traffic to their blog. But don’t worry, I’m here for you, I’ll mention all the factors that actually help to boost blog traffic

Design Well

check your blog and remove the unnecessary widget. new bloggers make their blog too heavy and not attractive by adding such a bosh colour and widget. so please make sure your design well.

Write Quality Content

one of the most important thing to write quality content on your blog. have you ever seen content is king. Writing articles is very important to get visitors. If you are not writing an article then how can you expect to get traffic.

Write an SEO friendly article to rank in search engines. include the keyword in your post title and always use a long tail keyword in the title.  If you wanna know about keyword research tool then you can read our this article

Share Your Blog Post

how to increase blog traffic wordpress
Share blog post on social media sites

After publishing the article this is an important work for the writer to share his/her post on social media. It’s also a part of SEO. It’s called off-page SEO. by the way, I have already published an article on SEO. here is a link

share your blog post on every social media platform like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and other.

Guest Post

how to increase blog traffic for free
guest posting

one other way to increase blog traffic for free is guest posting. Guest posting can boost blog traffic. 

What is guest posting

publishing your article on others blog is called guest posting. You need to write a unique article and contact with the author of the blog whom you want to publish it.

Why Guest Posting

guest posting has a great hand to boost your site. how? just scroll down

  • Increase Traffic- publishing a guest post increases your blog traffic. more people know about your blog. your link bonding will be improved.
  • Improve Ranking- guest posting is an important reason to increase rankings because if you publish an article on another blog then the author of that blog will provide you do-follow backlinks.

Promote Your Blog

promote your blog as can as possible. promote on Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites to increase blog traffic. share on multiple groups, pages. Ask your friends to do the same.

promote your blog by facebook

create a facebook page for your blog. create some good content for the page and boost your page. or you can boost your blog URL by the same. It’s a good way to increase traffic.

Paid Promotion

I know it’s not free but still, if you want to increase traffic and want to go to the next level then I’ll prefer this.

Commenting On Other Blog

most of the new blogger hesitate to comment. I know they do not make a single comment although the article helps them out. Please don’t hesitate to do comment. commenting on others blog can boost your traffic.

Last Words: how to increase blog traffic

Hope, this “how to increase blog traffic for free” article was helpful to you. I’ll publish the next article on keyword researching. Hey…wait I’ve something for you. I’m giving a free MagOne theme for bloggers it’s a 60$ rupees theme if you want this theme please subscribe to our latest post by just entering your email once you’ve subscribed them leave a comment for me.



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