how to viral festival wishing blog 5 Tips

how to viral festival wishing blog
how to viral festival wishing blog

hello bloggers, I’ve published two articles about festival wishing script you can read them from the given link, and Today I’m writing for those guys who are asking for How to viral festival wishing blog. I’ve seen on some facebook groups and someone texts me that festival wishing blog viral kaise kare ‘how to viral wishing blog’

how to viral festival wishing blog
how to viral festival wishing blog

people create wishing blog very easily but not everyone succeeds. It’s a fact, you can ask those guys who had created wishing blog on the last event. why didn’t they succeed? There is only a reason behind it and it is their blog doesn’t go viral. don’t worry guys, your friend Jolly with you I’ll tell you how to viral festival wishing blog.

How To Viral Festival Wishing Blog

there are some major things to help a blog go viral. It’s not too hard as you think… have a look

1. Create your Unique Script

I mean don’t copy others script. Customise the script using notepad++ and if possible then try to make your own design. Design well, keep the page clean and smooth, Images and fonts will work great.

2. Avoid Too Many Ads

yes guys, don’t put too many ads in the script. it can ruin your plans for event blogging. It’s a minor thing but its important.

3. Remove Extra Space

it’s the same thing as I told you in the first point but I wanna tell you it specially. As I had noticed people just do copy and paste the script. I recommend you that please don’t become like those people.

4. Join WhatsApp Group

join those group which is related to your event. Don’t join too many useless groups. Share your Blog in the groups and ask people to do same.

5. Share On Social Media

Nowadays who is not on Facebook, you just have to join those group that is actually related to your event. The rest of the work you leave on the people.

Final Words: How To Viral Festival Wishing Blog

How was the article? Have any problem then comment below. Have you ever succeed in event blogging? share your experience with us… I have a gift for you SUBSCRIBE TO OUR LATEST ARTICLE you’ll be notified when we next publish the articles.
Till then take care… Happy Blogging?


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