Top 10+ Business Ideas In Uttarakhand 2019

  1. top best business ideas in uttarakhand
    business opportunities in uttarakhand
    top best business ideas in Uttarakhand

    hello guys, in this article I’m going to share top 10 business ideas in Uttarakhand. I’ve already published some article about business. have a look

    before going to start any business please have a look at this
    there are many business ideas to do in Uttarakhand. It’s listened as usual from everyone’s mouth that Uttarakhand’s people known by their hard worker, honesty, firm determined. I believe that they can do everything they want to do.

    Top 10 profitable business ideas in Uttarakhand

    There are some great profitable business ideas in Uttarakhand to make money with fun. In these new/best businesses, people will never get bored.

    1. Tourism: business ideas in Uttarakhand

    in my list tourism is a great business to do in Uttarakhand. because there are millions of foreigner/tourists per year.

    2. Fish Farming

    top best business ideas in uttarakhand: fish farming
    Fish Farming
    this business growing day-by-day. The economy of Uttarakhand’s economy is based on fish farming. not totally but a little. this is an important apart of Uttarakhand economy.

    3. Photography

    Have you ever visited in Uttarakhand.? If yes, you know that there is a big opportunity in photography. and why not, Himalayan beauty, temples, caves, waterfall, lake and such as beautiful things are enough to win everyone’s heart. If you are thinking about photography? just go for it.

    4. Restaurant: Business Ideas In Uttarakhand

    opening a restaurant in a tourist place will give you a good earning. serve them good food, rooms for their stay.

    5. Ice Cream Parlor

    top best business ideas in uttarakhand: ice cream parlor
    Ice Cream Parlor
    this would be a good business in low investment. In other cities, this is growing very fastly. Ice cream parlor is one of the best and new business ideas in Uttarakhand.

    6. Beauty parlor

    Every girls/ woman want to become beautiful externally? The more you grate, the less will be “jo jitna potega wo utna chayega”?? just kidding. I’m sure that this business will be going quite well.

    7. Bakery

    there is a little competition in this but if you bake your product tasty, crunchy then start this with full spirit.

    8. Computer Training Center

    we all know that technology is updating day-by-day. In this condition, everyone will be want to learn about computer and technology. If you are good at the computer then start this and make money.

    9. Iron Manufacture & welding

    this business is going well. in our area, there is only one who is doing this work and making good money. not only Uttarakhand this business is doing by too many people’s in India.

    10. Banquet Hall: business opportunities in Uttarakhand

    In this business, you must have some property. By opening a banquet hall you can easily make 1-4 lakhs per night/day. Not only marriages even you can organize parties, social events etc.

    11. Movie Theater

    top best business ideas in uttarakhand: cinema hall
    Cinema Hall
    mostly persons like Bollywood/Hollywood movies. It’s a great business to make money with fun. start a cinema hall in your area and getting make money.

    To Readers: business opportunities in Uttarakhand

    guys, how was this article Business Ideas In Uttarakhand if you have any question or suggestion then please let me know. Drop a comment below for me?


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