Top 5 Benefits of blog commenting


hello gorgeous ladies and macho mens, if you’re reading this article I’m sure you’re a blogger, have you ever commented on blogs, do you know the benefits of blog commenting??

Alright, I’m here to tell you about blog commenting. In this article, I’ll explain about what is blog commenting and what are the benefits of blog commenting?

Before going to tell you the benefits of blog commenting I wanna tell you what is blog commenting?

Top 5 Benefits of blog commenting
Top 5 Benefits of blog commenting

What is blog commenting

it is very simple, when you write your suggestion, question or compliment on someones blog in comment section is called blog commenting.

You read about blog commenting. well, now we’ll see the benefits od blog commenitng.

Benefits of blog commenting

however, this is very important job to do for bloggers but they actually don’t. I don’t know why they feel uncomfortable to comment on others blog, anymore if you’re reading this then you should leave this habit now and start commenting on others blog. You’ll understand this within few minutes… read carefully 🙂

5. Increases blog traffic

blog commenting lead to boost your traffic after some time. when you comment on others blog then the reader of that blog also read the comments if they likes your comment they wish to visit your blog too.

4. Builds relationships with other bloggers

“No road is long with good relation” this quote says very much about relationship. When you comment on others blog, both the owner of the blog and its readers get information about you, so that if they like your blog, they will be connected to your blog.

And there will be a good relationship with both of them and they will support you too, they will be help you in blogging, as well as a good relationship will continue to grow.

3. Builds backlinks

I guess you know about backlinks, if you don’t then please read this article

blog commenting helps your blog to improve ranking. comment on otheres blog with your blog url and get improve in search ranking. oh yes, I’ve already written an article on how to rank on the first page of google please have a look, I’m sure you will get something interesting there.

2. SEO optimization

In above point, I ‘ve told you that blog commenting helps to improve ranking just because it creates a connections among the various blogs you commented. Backlinks provide you No-Follow backlinks. Not even so, some blogs offer do-follow backlinks too. Otherwise, blog commenting is also a part of Off-Page-SEO.

1. Blog promotion

Do you want to promote your blog for free ? blog commenting is a good idea. Is not it? What do you say boss? believe me this is a very good way to promote your blog.

Most of the blogs gives you the option to fill your name, email and blog URL. What you need to do, you have to fill all these options with the correct information and then write your comment and click to submit or comment.

Note: Always keep in mind that you don’t have to spam, otherwise you’ll kicked out from google search… and never ever do short comments like : nice article, useful post etc…

Conclusion: Benefits of blog commenting

dear readers, You have read the entire article. Now tell us how you thought this article and I would like to say to you that you must also comment on other blogs, our’s too.
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Take care and happy blogging.



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