Uttarakhand Singer Mannu Rock Interview

Uttarakhand Singer Mannu Rock Interview
Uttarakhand Singer Mannu Rock Interview
Uttarakhand Singer Mannu Rock Interview
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Mannu Rock is not an acquaintance of any introduction. Getting out of a small town and making a singer of Uttarakhand is not an easy task. Interview with Uttarakhand singer Mannu Rock. After working hard, he got this position. I am sure that you have heard many of his songs. Many people on their songs are still seen fluttering today. Hello, welcome guys, yesterday we had interviewed Mannu Rock, today we are bringing him to the front of you people. I think our blog is publishing their interview for the first time.

Interview Of Uttarakhand singer Mannu Rock

When did you start the song? Is there any special person or an incident behind this?😊

I had an interest in singing since childhood. It was my hobby too.

What kind of songs do you like to sing? Describe Your Current Sound?

I like to sing about modern culture.

I have heard that you also write lyrics. So tell a little about how you make a song.?

I write myself as much as I can. On a modern topic.

from where do you inspire to write any song.?😋

Nowadays, to write lyrics from the young man and we come to the zodiac of the common people.

Do you have any such special place where you like to sing a song.?😄

No, nothing is happening when I get a chance, I start.

How much time do you take to write a song?

It takes at least 6 months to prepare one.

You do not think it’s a challenge to record the song.?😇

Always do not know that there is something new and different.

Who is your favorite songwriter and singer.?

Javed Akhtar and Udit Narayana.

What are your planes and hopes regarding your company/music.?

Many of my projects are getting ready. Video of the Chhaila and butterfly, Real Folk, Meri Chanara, and more are getting ready.

Do you think any person can sing? If I talk about myself, I love singing and I sing well. what about bathroom singer.?😆

I never did that.

as a singer, do you take special care of your neck?

nothing like this.

How do you select the place for shooting and artists.?

It depends on the song.

You have a very popular song ‘Dialer Tone’. How much work did you have to do for Dialer tone? Tell our Visitors.

It took me 4 years to make this song.

What message do you want to give to today’s youth.?

Whatever you do, do it diligently, one day you will surely get success.

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To Readers: Interview Of Uttarakhand singer

Thanks, Mannu Rock for giving your valuable time to our blog. May God bless you very much in your life. Lighten your name and Uttarakhand.
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guys, I hope you have enjoyed this interview “Uttarakhand Singer Mannu Rock Interview“. if you have any queries and suggestion then let me know. drop a comment below. Don’t forget to share this 😍


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