What is lost.dir folder in android mobile


hey guys…!! today we’re going to know what is lost.dir folder in android mobile.
If you are using android mobile or had used then I’m sure you have ever seen this folder, well today I’ll tell you what is the actual mean of this folder.

What is lost.dir folder

what is lost.dir folder in android
what is lost.dir folder in android

This is a system folder can be found on every android mobile’s SD card. Is there any full form of LOST.DIR…? LOST DIRECTORY is the full form.

what happens when we delete this folder

if you deleted this folder and booting up your device after deleting this folder you’ll found a new folder named LOST.DIR

Uses of this folder

if you are downloading any file from the internet or receiving something from another device at this moment if your mobile battery is not sufficient your mobile will switch off. The processing will be stopped. In this case, the LOST.DIR folder will create a copy file of the data. you can retrieve and copy the data, and if your mobile had switched off during the data processing then you can recover the data using some recovery application/software.

Which copy file stored in this folder

1- Interruption while downloading.
if you’re downloading some file from internet and the downloading is stopped due to low internet connection or whatever the reason.
2- Switch off the phone during copying files.
this file will also stored in the LOST.DIR file while your phone switched off during copying data from the computer.
3- Removing SD card
in this case, LOST.DIR folder contains the copy file if you have removed your SD card during the data transferring.


I know you have a doubt that can you delete this folder or not then, of course, you can delete this folder.
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