What is a software: types, uses, and relation


what is a software system software and application software

hello, welcome guys… today I’m going to tell you about what is software and its types. I think most viewers know about software but least people knew about the types of software.
We often use the word software in our daily conversations but today we will learn all about this.

What is software: types, uses, and relation what is application and system software
What is software: types, uses, and relation

What Is Software

A computer can’t do anything on its own. we need to give instructions to it to do whatever you want but it is important to specify the instructions a computer must perform to do work or solve a specific problem.

Such a sequence of instructions written in a language(c,c++,HTML,java,python,etc..) understood by a computer is called computer program.
The term software refers to a set of instructions (computer programmes), procedures and associated documents describing the programs.
What is a software packages
A software package is a group of programs that solve a specific problem or does a specific task. For example, A Photo editor may contain features for photo editing, drawing graphics, photo viewer, etc.
Types Of Software
the range of computer software is very vast. the software classified into two categories-

  1. System Software 2. Application Software

What is System Software

system software includes a set of one or more programs, which controls the operation and extends the processing capability.

system software makes the operation more effective and efficient. system software helps hardware component work together and provides support for the development and execution of programs.
Example of system software operating system, communication software, utility software, etc…

What is Application Software

Application software is a set of one or more programs, which solves a specific problem or does a particular task. Nowadays, millions of application packages are to be had for a broad range.
Examples of application software- word processing software, database software, educational software, entertainment software.

Relation among hardware, system software, application software and users

relation among hardware, system software, application software, and users
relation among hardware, system software, application software, and users

the center orange lyer is hardware make up a physical device of the system. Yellow layer defines the operating and programming habitat coordinates operations of hardware devices for optimizing the performance.

The sky blue layer consists of a wide range of application software. and the pink layer is of a user, user interfaces provided by the application software. A user interfaces with the computer system on the basis of his/her need and desire.


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